About the Firm

With over 100 years combined legal experience, we are not a firm with one specialty, but several.

/ The Story of Our Firm

Biretta & Associates, P.C. began in 1992 as an outgrowth of the existing legal practice of Bufalino and Palazzolo, P.C. With years of experience, Eric Biretta chose to form his own firm, bringing in other top-notch talented and successful attorneys, litigators and advocates.

Each attorney on the team have been acknowledged as one of the very best in their field. With over 100 years combined legal experience, we are not a firm with one specialty, but several. This ensures that clients cases will be handled by an expert who specializes in that form of litigation. It is this diversity that makes us unique.

It's not just the accomplishments of our attorneys that make us the best law firm in Greater Detroit. It's our attention to the client that truly drives our success. Every team member is dedicated to providing the best service possible with only the very best attorneys handling their cases.

We are currently headquartered in the Femminineo building, located in downtown Mount Clemens, with offices in and around the Metro Detroit area to meet with clients.

/ Our Mission Statement

Our firm's mission is to provide our clients with the highest level of professional assistance. These are not just words, but the value that drives the attorneys, paralegals and other professionals in our firm. We are dedicated to obtaining financial justice from the parties responsible for your losses and protecting you and your emotional well-being during stressful times.

We recognize that each client is important and that the outcomes of their cases seriously affect their futures. For that reason, we believe in being prepared, working hard and smart, staying focused and maintaining close relationships with our clients.

Much of our personal satisfaction comes from earning the trust and confidence of our clients; the value in treating every person with the dignity and respect they deserve; and, the good coming from the financial security we recover for our clients and their families.